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New Construction or remodeling to handle something else, we can run the line.

As with all material we dont skimp the few cents in a lessor grade CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing). CSST is a commonly used material in gas lines since it is flexible and can be run with out fittings at every bend.  Also, the new Gas Tite Flash Shield is very resistant to lightning strikes compared to similar systems.  We are certified by multiple manufacturers to buy and install CSST.  Also, all of our fittings are checked for leaks before we leave.

Gas line installations: Welcome


Service Second to None when installing gas lines for your appliances.

Typically, when you have a previously installed gas line in your home, the person who ran it left you room for expansion on your gas needs by leaving Tees in line.  However, some times we have to cut the main line and install one, which can drive the cost up some what.  The picture shows a typical tap that we had to make to allow for another appliance.

Gas line installations: About
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